Highbridge Islands

A couple of months ago Jeff Bird posted this comment:

“Having been brought up at Clyce Road it was always known as ” SILVER ISLAND” In the book about about Highbridge and on this web site I have never heard it mentioned ,ask the locals !!!!!!!!!!”

Upon asking a couple of locals we understand that sections of the area, the Clyce and around where the old river bed lay, were indeed called Islands as they were areas that rarely flooded.  Clyce Road was known as Silver Island as you say and has never been known to flood other than at the rear of the properties as it is the highest point in Burnham and Highbridge. The lowest point in the area being Mark Church. One resident thought that some of the properties in Clyce Road were once called (Silver) Island Cottages but I haven’t been able to confirm that.

If anyone has any info or perhaps a map showing the islands do get in touch.

Thanks to Jeff for the above and many other contributions to the site – really fascinating.

3 responses to “Highbridge Islands

  1. there are two wall type plaues on houses at the Clyce, the first being at number 17, under the roughcast,barely visable,and the second around number 55/56. If any one could confirm please !!!

    • Hi Jeff,

      yes, just as you said, the first plaque at number 17 reads ‘Island Cottages 1877’ and the second says ‘Clyce Place’. The answer to your original question was right there in front of me all that time – if only I’d looked up! Cheers Deb R

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