Highbridge During the War

Janet Cann recently sent her memories of being evacuated to Highbridge during the Second World War.

“My family was lodging in Isleport House, Isleport Lane, Highbridge, Somerset, during WW2.  We had been ‘bombed out ‘during the Bath Blitz in April 1942.

Previously we had lodged at Kidner’s farm in East Huntpill with our furniture stored in a cowshed.  The day we arrived in Highbridge, with our furniture, there was a terrific thunderstorm, the first I ever remember.  It was daytime but the sky gradually got darker and all objects were clear and colours were vivid, particularly the green trees and grass.  That was 67 years ago but I can still remember the quietness and then the frightening thunder and lightening and torrential rain that followed.”

You can read them in full here. If you have any memories you’d like to post do use the ‘comments’ facility or get in touch via email.

One response to “Highbridge During the War

  1. I also well remember being bombed out in London some 70 years ago. On reaching Burnham-on-sea after night after night bombing by the German Luftwaffe the tranquility of the area made us feel in a different world. Our sleep was never disturbed, our meal sessions never disrupted and no longer having to sleep (or try) in an Anderson Shelter. Indeed, it was hard to visualise that we were at War. After serving in the Armed Forces for four years it was a real blessing to return to Burnham-on-Sea to enjoy all those wonderful times once again. I remained in Burnham-on-Sea from that time to the present day with thankful memories of the bliss and sanctity received from the area and it`s inhabitants. Arthur Lismore.

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