King Alfred School in the 1960s

Do you remember when King Alfred School had a swimming pool? If so, you may recognise someone in this short film from the Strickland family archives. Let us know if you can put a name to these fresh faced students. With thanks to John Strickland and King Alfred School.

One response to “King Alfred School in the 1960s

  1. I recognise some people in the film-please accept my apologies to anyone who I have misnamed!
    History class sequence – Mr. Madly writing on board.
    3.38 Metalwork Class- from left – Peter (Michael?) Hawkins, unknown,John Strickland, unknown.
    4.27 Dining room scene – Mr Edge and unknown teacher sitting, Miss Hartley standing, and student was V (acessa) perhaps, from Huntspill.
    5.05 Corridor scene – either Peter or Michael Hawkins walking through door.
    5.08 Cycling proficiency training – girl in blue dress- Margaret Napier
    Girl in yellow skirt – Sandra Welsh
    5.27 Science class-girl kneeling- Carol Jotcham
    Girl in black gingham dress – Dorothy Baribal
    5.48 Boys measuring- in red jumper -Peter Hawkins
    In short sleeved shirt – Michael Cross
    Boy recording in blue shirt – John Strickland
    6.07 Boys at light brown table – (in blue) reading 1- Geoffrey Higgens?
    Boys at dark brown table -middle boy (wearing glasses) – Peter Incledon
    Stephen Isaacs is hovering in the background.
    6.26 Boys measuring, from left – Michael Lloyd, Peter Hawkins, Charles Fear.
    6.40 Mr Bromfield and Violet Cornish.
    6.44 Two girls recording girl seated in mauve gingham dress-Susan Lester.
    6.55 Science class- at back Mr Strickland. Girl on his far right in blue dress and black belt – May Wright.
    7.06 Animal gut observation – John Strickland?
    7.27 Teacher with animal skulls- Mr Flambert
    7.46 Green house scene. – John Strickland
    8.20 Teacher – Mr Flambert, with Michael Cross with glimpse of Peter Hawkins far right
    7.46 Watering on the green house – Peter Hawkins.
    9.33 Painting in the art class – John Strickland?
    10.54 Girl painting-Carol McCulloch
    11.04 Boy painting- Stephen Isaacs.
    Cricket-2nd bowler -Spencer Dibble?
    3rd Bowler Peter Hawkins. Spencer Dibble on right.

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