River Brue Tragedy in 1881

Regulars on the http://www.Burnham-on-Sea.com forums have been discussing a tragic accident that took place locally in 1881. Contributor ‘KinverTerrace’ raised the mystery of a gravestone in St Andrews church, which read:

“In Memorium

Bessie Snow Aged 18 years,

Annie Emma Beale Aged 14 years

Nellie Rodd Aged 13 years

Thomas Storey Aged 19 years

who were accidentally drowned in the river Brue July 15th 1881.

Those that seek me early shall find me. Prov VIII 17″

Other contributors quickly got to the bottom of the story and posted information such as this newspaper clipping by Midnightsurfer.

You can read the full forum thread by going to the site (link below): click on Burnham-on-Sea General then scroll down to heading “4 Die in the River Brue”


Many thanks to Gordon Fear for suggesting we include the item on this website

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