Highbridge and Burnham during WWII

Can anyone help with the following request from Mary Binnie?

“I was born in 1943, I would like to have some information about the American soldiers that were based here in WW2 in Highbridge and Burnham based on sea, and some of the soldiers that were captains stationed in Stoddons Road in Berrow, and just some information about what went on in Highbridge at the time. I was born in Clyce Road and I believe my father was a Captian in the American army, I would love to know if anyone has known about him. I believe my father was called Freddie Marigold or Merrygold and my past Surname was Norris. Is there anyone out there who remembers me? I would love to hear from you”

Mary would also like to hear from Irene Nichols who contributed to “Memories of School Days in Highbridge”.

If you have any information please post via the comments facility or if you prefer to send a private email to Mary then we’d be delighted to forward them to her. Send emails to deborah@somersetfilm.com

Thanks to everyone who has contributed regarding information on Highbridge Wharf.

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