New Comment On Capture Highbridge

Roger Sartin recently added the comment:

“My Grandfather was a steamroller driver for the Buncombe family, George Sartin. I can remember him driving up Glastonbury high street, about 1958 with his caravan in tow on his way to South Wales or the Glos area. I still have his whistle and a brass hoarse from his roller. Can anyone remember him or any records of his work at Buncombe? Great to read the history of the family firm.”

Can anyone help? You can read more about Buncombe’s Steamrollers here.

One response to “New Comment On Capture Highbridge

  1. Hi – I remember Buncombe’s steamers quite well although not him or any of his workers of who there were quite a few! – Steaming along Church Street, making the new road. The smell of the new tarmac, fire box and steam. So many people around. Hope you find someone who knows the Sartins Family, a name I haven’t heard of before

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