“There was once a comment in a book about Somerset that stated that Highbridge was one of the very few places in the county that had no real history – meaning, I would suspect, medieval history. This was, of course, in the main true, as little appeared until around 1850 but certainly there have been many changes in the industry and shape of the town since then, which in itself gives the town its own history.”

The late Jack Foster – ‘Highbridge Past and Present’ 2002

Capture Highbridge is an online archive for the town of Highbridge in Somerset. It builds upon the wonderful work of the Highbridge History Project and its numerous contributors.

Together they created an exhibition and a book, which was published in 2004. Donations from members of the public covered the original printing costs of the book and sales raised funds for groups and facilities in Higbridge. The book is now out of print, though copies remain in the local library.

The recently erected Highbridge History Panels have increased people’s interest in their local heritage. Through discussions with Sue Quatermass, Community Development Worker for the Burnham-on-Sea and Highbridge Regeneration Partnership, the Highbridge History Project kindly agreed to make the information in the book available online. As you can imagine in just six years the town has changed, quite dramatically in some areas. We hope that by using the book as the foundation for the site and enabling individuals to continue ‘capturing’ the town and their lives here, by adding photos, memories and updating information, the archive will continue to grow. A digital legacy for the hard work of all involved in the Highbridge History Project and a resource for residents past, present and future.

If you would like to add your memories of living or working in the town, update or make corrections to the information, then you can do so via the comments box on the site. You can sign up as a contributor, which gives you access to the admin area of the site to add new pages, photos, short films or audio.

Somerset Film, a charity based in Bridgwater at the Engine Room, aims to pass on skills to people of all ages to enable this archive to grow. For details on workshops held in the area and other training opportunities email info@somersetfilm.com or t: 01278 433187.


Capture Highbridge is a Somerset Film initiative in partnership with Burnham and Highbridge Regeneration Partnership and funded by The Big Lottery. The aim of this site is to create and build an archive of memories, images and information that can continue to document the town. It builds on the wonderful work of the Highbridge History Project. The book, published in 2004, is now out of print and its creators have kindly given permission for the content to be available for download from the site. Ken and Fay Burston from the Highbridge History Project are busy creating a new heritage trail leaflet, which will also be available to download from this site, to complement the recently erected History Information Boards.

Somerset Film will be offering information session and workshops in local venues to show members of the public how to use the site. Details will follow shortly. If you would like further information contact Deb Richardson on 01278 433187.

Other Somerset Film initiatives that local residents can get involved in include Capture Somerset, which aims to build a film and audio archive for Somerset, Family Connections delivering digital media activities for families in Highbridge and Community Chroniclers, an intergenerational volunteer project.