Willshire and Quick Ltd

Willsher & Quick Limited was founded in 1956, with the two Directors – Mr L.G. Willsher and Mr N.S. Quick and was originally intended as a general sheet metal producing unit, working from premises in Market Street.

In 1958 the two Directors realised the difficulty being experienced by the electrical industry in enclosing their equipment.  With the acquisition of larger premises the production of control gear enclosures commenced. The growth of demand for these enclosures was so rapid that it soon became apparent that further expansion was inevitable, and in 1962 plans were made for a modern factory unit, specifically designed for enclosure manufacture.  In November 1963 all production was transferred to the new factory at Walrow, it was the first on the estate.  In 1970-71 a building expansion programme was complete extending the works area and building a new office block.

The work force gradually grew over the years with the increase in production and in the late 1970’s employed 130 personnel.  The Walrow estate was chosen, being the only one available. The Company commenced supplying custom-built enclosures for West Germany through an agent in 1964.  It had seen that there was a potential in this market, so consequently in 1965 Willsher & Quick (GmbH) was formed in Kaldenkirchen, West Germany.  Following this Willsher & Quick (Northern) Limited at Blyth, Northumberland was formed for the production of enclosures mainly for the electronic industries. Since the companies have moved into new and larger premises. Willsher & Quick have had a major share of the enclosure market but competition is very keen and with today’s conditions, maintaining deliveries and a high standard is essential.

In 1956 Cooper B-Line Ltd. began trading as a partnership in the name of Willsher & Quick Ltd., and it was incorporated in 1959, being subsequently sold in November 2000 to Cooper B Line that is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cooper Industries Ltd.  The U.K. and European headquarters of the American Company is at Walrow Industrial Estate Highbridge Somerset TA9 4AQ.

4 responses to “Willshire and Quick Ltd

  1. Well done Jeff …an accurate post. How are things? I am living in Norfolk now and very happy and comfortable. two children and two grandchildren. Best regards
    Peter Willsher

  2. My father, Ray Gretton, did his National Service with Les Willsher and they were good friends. Dad was Sales Director of W&Q from about 1962 until he passed away in 1987. I have lost contact with Les who was living in Australia when I last saw him (about 2005) and dad also worked with the late Len Curry, Peter Isaac, Peter Adams, Richard Dyer, Mike Watts, John Groves and loads of lovely other people whom I don’t have the space to mention.

    • Hello, My name is Kate Watson and I came across this blog post whilst researching for my Father Eric Stone’s history as he sadly died at the age of 89 a little over a week ago. It is stirring many childhood memories reading names like that of your Father. Our family moved to Whitley Bay in 1971 following the establishment of Willsher and Quick Northern and that was where my Father met George Green and others whose names are part of his history. It would be good if possible to talk further with you and find out more about my Dad’s career and history from other sources. You can contact me via my website, cmlwconsulting.co.uk

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