Age Concern Somerset

As a member of a federation of many Age Concern organisations, which are active in this country and across the world, Age Concern Somerset is a non-profit making charity which gets financial support from local institutions, to solely help older people in Somerset. Eight services now exist to help older people maintain an independent lifestyle and two of these services are tucked away in a small office in the UK-Online centre, at the rear of Alpha House in Market Street Highbridge.

‘Ageing Well’ operates throughout Sedgemoor and West Somerset and aims to promote a healthier lifestyle and outlook, by the provision of gentle exercising and activity in a variety of centres.

In just over two years of operation, ‘Safe and Secure’ has helped over a thousand older people feel more secure and safe, by installing or replacing locks and providing help and assistance to reduce the risk of accidents in their homes across the county.

In order to operate successfully, Age Concern Somerset are reliant on their remarkable volunteers and are always looking for the men and women to join them who are willing to give some of their free time to help older people.

For more information about services or becoming a volunteer visit their website here.

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