The Visually Impaired Club

Can you imagine, suddenly to be plunged into a world of not being able to see to do the little things you enjoyed doing, or being able to go out on your own. Blindness can make a person feel very lonely and vulnerable.

In January 1986 this Club was formed in order that blind people could go out again and enjoy, as far as it was possible, a social life; to also enjoy, with a sighted person as a guide, some of the every day activities. The Club meets every Friday morning at St. Johns’ Church Hall.

We have coach trips throughout the summer months with a lunch or tea to finish. At Christmas there is a Fish and Chip lunch and at New Year we go to a hotel for a dinner. During the year we usually go away for a few days on a Tinsel and Turkey Holiday; Coffee Mornings are held to raise funds.

There are Craft sessions, including Knitting, Crocheting and Basketwork and members enjoy playing skittles. Some Fridays we play a special type of Bingo, not like the usual way, but with dominoes so that we can feel the raised dots when a number is called. Some members are very good at the quizzes we hold; occasionally we have some very interesting speakers.

We have 40 members who enjoy coming out every Friday morning, so that they can be with be with the friends they have made. Without this Club some people would not leave their homes.

(Information supplied by Audrey Lomax)

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