The first reference to cricket in the town appears to be a recollection of a field near “Sandyway Farm” on Burnham Road owned by Mr. W. Hatcher.  This was used for a short time; however, there are no further details available.

During the 1930’s a cricket field did appear on land (believed to be part of “Dauntons Farm behind Church Street, now the area covered by housing (Poplar Estate).

The club was well established and achieved a high enough status to attract a benefit game for a Somerset County player Wally Luckes (wicket keeper), who brought a County eleven including Arthur Wellard, Harold Gimblet and Horace Hazell.  The game took place on May 5th 1937, the County fielding eleven players and Highbridge fourteen.  Unfortunately no details of the final scores are available. No official records show the end of the club, it is known the club was still playing in 1940 when Harry Norman (fishmonger) was Captain and Jack Dyer was amongst the players.

In 1951 a club was formed playing their home games on a pitch at Bristol Road. Alongside an area used by the football club, also at some time games had been played on Burnham Road. (Now the site of King Alfred School Grounds).  At this time no leagues had been formed, but the games were “friendlies”, some opposing teams were Stonehouse, Wells, Timsbury and Bridgwater “A”.  The club eventually moved to “Ashford’s” field, situated on the left of Walrow Bridge between the bridge and the brickwork’s.  The playing area here was not ideal as Groynes (gullies) spread across the field making a flat pitch area difficult to provide, efforts were made to fill in certain areas to provide a better surface.  The changing area too, was less than adequate, a cow shed in the corner of the field being pressed into use.

Visiting teams did not take kindly to the facilities provided both by the changing rooms! and the playing surface.  However, games did take place and at the tea interval, a leisurely stroll over Walrow bridge and onwards to the “Constitutional Club” next to the “Railway Hotel”(now the site of Alpha House) where teas for the players were provided by a band of helpers.

The club eventually disbanded in 1952 and some players continued their interests by joining Burnham Cricket Club.

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