This is another sport which started many many years ago and was a very popular game during the war, many hours were spent playing darts to overcome the tiring hours spent “fire watching” or “on guard”.  Unlike skittles, darts was a game that could be played in the home and this increased its popularity.

Public houses formed dart teams and players strove to do well in order to get in the pub team; leagues were formed and continue to be competitive. Friday night being darts night.  The Somerset County Darts Team was at the Highbridge Social Club in October 2003 to play the first of four home matches.

One response to “Darts

  1. There must be lots of photos of different teams involved in sports and pastimes, from Darts and Pool, to Pigeon Racing and Fishing, around Highbridge. I am surprised the that the Weekly News has never done a sporting version of “Those Were The Days”

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