We acknowledge with gratitude all those willing contributors who have made the publishing of the book possible, residents of Highbridge both past and present, who provided information or gave their time to help it take shape. Many contributed text and photographs, without their assistance we would not have been able to evaluate the vast amount of information that we received.

We thank them all most sincerely.

We are extremely grateful to all those people who permitted us to use photographs and other mementoes of their own and of their families past. Also, we were fortunate to find people who were able to identify faces from the past in old photographs and put names to them.

The ‘Highbridge History Project’ Team that published the original book comprised: –

Gerald Buncombe, Fay and Ken Burston, Alan Cook, Mary Draper, Fred Faulks, Jack Foster, Jack Major, Rex Major, Maureen McLaren, Eileen Picton, Pearl Rawles, Doreen and Ray Reddish.

Members of the earlier ‘History in the Making’ Team comprised: -Fay and Ken Burston, Leslie Dale, Mary Draper, Jan and Greg Dyer, Fred Faulks, Jack Foster, Charles and the late ‘Madge’ Langdon, Maureen McLaren, Collin Moore, David Newton, Jo Osmond, Eileen Picton, Roy Preston, Pearl Rawles, and with assistance from others.

During the Teams’ research into the History of Highbridge it was necessary to obtained the help and advice from many local people, their knowledge when locating many of the historic records of the town was invaluable. We thank also, all who have provided material on specific subjects, for lending photographs and providing information; where it is applicable their names accompany the item.

Photographs that do not carry accreditations are mainly the property of the Highbridge History Project.

Finally, there are those who have, in a variety of ways, given of their time to help us and to these we express our extreme gratitude: –

Richard Culverhouse, Mrs. Pat Foster, Derek Hand, Mr. & Mrs J. Hatcher, Godfrey Hebdon, Ken Hindle, Mark Johnson, John Lamb, Eddie Upton, Mrs Jean Whitehouse, Somerset Records Office, Head Teachers at St. John V.C.School, Beechfield School and King Alfred School and the late Peter Wilson whose slides and photographs have been invaluable. Plus many more who provided valuable information on innumerable subjects.


Somerset Film would like to thank Ken and Fay Burston of the Highbridge History Project, Sue Quatermass and the Burnham-on-Sea & Highbridge Regeneration Partnership and The Big Lottery for funding the initiative. We would like, in advance, to thank all those who contribute to the site and Highbridge resident Carol Court for suggesting it. We hope you find the site useful.

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