Burnham Area Youth (BAY) Club

The B.A.Y. club was built in 1966 on the playing fields next to the King Alfred School at a cost of £10,000.  The local community raised 25% of the money.  The floor area was 5000 sq. ft. with a hyper para’boloid roof, designed to reflect the maritime nature of the area. A voluntary Committee managed the Club and their first leader was Ken Hindle. Prior to the building of this new club members met in a variety of places: -“The Hall” on Berrow Road, the Community Centre and on one occasion the home of the local brewers, the Holt Family.

The intention was to form a club for the benefit of young people between the ages of 14 – 21 years; the average membership at any given time being about 100. There variety of activities on offer was wide and varied; these included sailing, swimming, rugby, football, cricket, motorcycle maintenance and events for mini car owners.  This was the era of Mods. and Rockers, so in addition to motorcycles there were also scooters. The Club was open six nights a week; a well-known Highbridge resident Miss Vera Moxey often staffed a coffee bar. Dances were held once a month on a Friday night, these were very popular, with groups from Bristol often appearing.

On one occasion there was great excitement, when the Bomb Disposal Unit took over the club because an unexploded bomb had been found in the Apex Ponds.

(Information supplied by Ken Hindle)

3 responses to “Burnham Area Youth (BAY) Club

  1. You are right, I was a founder youth member with club leader Gordon Broome and we started up in the “Hall” on Berrow Road opposite the putting green in 1962/63. On the original committee were Katrina Broome, Ray Lambert, David Tudor and others whose names escape me and if anyone has the Burnham Summer carnival records about this time they will find a very messy float entered by the BAY club

  2. I remember going to the club in the Hall We thought it was great because we could play records and dance. Very vivid memories of dancing to Runaround Sue amongst others.

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