Apex Leisure

Made by West Huntspill filmmaker Geoff Bryant – Parts Two and Three below.

The Apex Leisure and Wildlife Park is situated on the Highbridge border, on land acquired by Burnham Urban District Council from Colthurst and Symons in 1969.  A scheme for the future use of the area was proposed and it was decided to use the site as a leisure and wildlife park.

The land was a derelict brick and tile-making site, including kilns and buildings that were demolished.  The name Apex was the name of the previous Brick and Tile Company on the site that was bought out by Colthurst and Symons.  The flooded clay pits were pumped out, but before work could start on the scheme the Highbridge Angling Association had to re-home fish, and a Royal Engineer Squadron removed bombs, mines and grenades.  The first phase was completed in 1971 by W.A.H. Crotty Ltd., a Cornish firm specialising in China clay.  They moved clay and shaped the land into a car park, and landscaped the lakes creating an island in the middle, which was duly called Crotty’s Island.  The 42-acre site was seeded and planted with 5000 trees by Richard Berry of Highbridge.

In 1993 it was decided to enhance the park with mounds and slopes. The work was carried out and a new causeway from the park to the riverbank was built with an all-weather footpath.

Sedgemoor District Council manages Apex Park for the benefit of the community, visitors, and to encourage wildlife.  The park benefits from many varieties of fauna including a beautiful display of daffodils in the spring from bulbs planted by local schools and organisations.  The wildlife is quite varied including swans, mallards, coots, moorhens, Canada geese and grebes.

The Apex Park is used by various organisations, including Highbridge Angling Association,

B.M.X. Biking, Radio Controlled Boats and Dog Obedience Classes. There is also a Skate Park, Trim Trail Circuit and a Play Area for Children.

The park has benches and picnic tables situated at various points.

The Apex Park is enjoyed by numerous visitors and local residents; and as stated by a local councillor in 1974  “I don’t think I have seen, anywhere in Sedgemoor, a more imaginative scheme of reclamation of a totally derelict area”.

Made by West Huntspill filmmaker Geoff Bryant

2 responses to “Apex Leisure

  1. It would be nice to be able to view the videos but they have been blocked in my country (US) Can’t understand why, I love watching and looking at pictures and videos of Burnham and Highbridge after living there as a young boy, later for a short time as an adult.

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