National Blind Children’s Society

This Society was originally called “Help the Blind” being set up in 1995 by Rod Carne.  It then became a Charitable Organisation and the charity was renamed “The National Blind Children’s Society”.

Its prime focus is to provide the resources and equipment needed by blind and partially sighted children to give them access to the social opportunities usually taken for granted by their sighted peers. The N.B.C.S. was, in line with the 1981 Education Act, prompted to supply computer equipment and other items to visually impaired children so that they could work independently on their school projects whilst at home.  The state had made no provision for this equipment to be available to these children.

The Charity has increased its age limit to so that it can support young people up to 25 years of age whilst in full time education.  N.B.C.S. moved its Headquarters to Market Street, Highbridge, after being at several locations in Burnham and Bridgwater. The Charity’s “Mission” is to enable blind and partially sighted children and young people to achieve their educational and recreational potentials. Their “Vision” is a world where blind and partially sighted children have equal opportunities in education, an education which is adequately supported with the provision of sources of information in a suitable format for their needs and that there should be no barriers in sport or recreational activities.

The Charity’s aims are to have honesty and integrity in all it does, to be a client focused outward looking organisation and be dedicated to deliver a quality service to all its clients.  It is committed to have regular communication with its employees, clients, organisations and supports of N.B.C.S., to believe in trusting and empowering employees and to get things right –first time – every time.

During 2001 the N.B.C.S. was able to help over 500 families who had visually impaired children and aims to help many more.  Donations help fund recreational activities and equipment, supply computers and I.T. equipment for home use, provide activity holidays and respite care.

“Custom Eyes” books, with large print, are provided in fiction and non-fiction or as curriculum textbooks.  Also professional advice and liaison with Local Education Authorities and other such bodies are provided.

The National Blind Children’s Society can be contacted on 01278 764764 or

(Information provided by permission of Carolyn Fullard-Chief Executive)

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