Stroke Club

This club meets every Tuesday at Morland Hall, Highbridge where everyone is made welcome.  The club is independent, self-supporting and is run by a committee of volunteers and club members.

Aims of the club are, to relieve and support persons, who have suffered a stroke and, as a result are disabled; to provide and assist in the provision of facilities for recreation and leisure activities. The object is to improve the quality of life of sufferers and their carers.

At the meetings everyone enjoys the social atmosphere, the chatter, games and handicrafts; the latter being within their capabilities. Refreshments are provided. Occasionally guest speakers attend to give talks on topical and practical subjects.  Transport is provided to and from the club meeting if it is required.

In July 2003 the Highbridge Stroke Club Committee Members attended a Garden Party at Buckingham Palace, to receive from the Queen a Golden Jubilee Award for their dedication to the cause, they had been chosen from the 22 Somerset charities to be so honoured.

(Information supplied by Lyn Parkinson)

One response to “Stroke Club

  1. Just to update the information above as the Stroke Club no longer meets at Morland Hall, Highbridge and is currently resident at BAY Centre, Cassis Close, Burnham-on-Sea. Morland Hall now holds training sessions for Somerset Skills and Learning and a Community Cafe and an Active Living Centre on Fridays

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